About Us

I’m super passionate about people knowing they can create miracles for themselves every day.

I integrate the principles of law of attraction, quantum physics, and cognitive behavioral theory to give you maximum access to clarity and creation.

I help people figure out what they want, untether from their fears, stop procrastinating, and take action on their 3 most important goals.

I consider myself to be:

  • A Hard Worker who is always willing to go the extra mile, doesn’t give up easily, and is self-motivated.
  • A Problem Solver who is detail-oriented, addresses service issues quickly, and places importance on post-sales follow through.
  • A Relationship Builder who doesn’t want to appear pushy, focuses on customer needs, and is generous with my time.
  • A Challenger who always has a different view of the world, understands the customer’s business, and loves to debate.

This is a new era in which all the magic of science, culture, beauty, positivity, entrepreneurship, love, humor, and consciousness can exist together. We are seeing more and more people create hybrid lives, merging their talents and hobbies to form soulful businesses, build healthy relationships, and reinvigorate their faith.

My blog is an amalgam of posts, letters of advice, and daily updates as I travel around the country, run my business, raise my kids, embark upon the quest for more sales, and enjoy the people I meet along the way.
Career Highlights

  • BA in Economics from one of the country’s top universities
  • MBA from an equally prestigious school.
  • Was a catalyst and change-management agent at previous company and was recognized by peers and trusted leader and innovator
  • Highlighted in Prestigious Journal for outstanding achievement in this field
  • Currently lives with my partner and 3 children and volunteer at local food bank